Exterior Painting Services

Man painting wall — Exterior Painting in Salem, OR
Man painting shutters — Exterior Painting in Salem, OR
Worker painting wall — Exterior Painting in Salem, OR
Similar to interior painting, exterior painting projects require protection to ensure a perfect finish. Our professionals use protective drop sheets used on roofs, decorative moldings, walkways, plants and stonework to ensure a perfect painting experience.

Our Process

At C & S Residential Painting Inc. we wash your home and business' exterior before preparation begins to rid the surfaces of mold and dirt. Once the surfaces are cleaned and have dried completely we begin to prep your home or business' exterior for painting.
Our professionals are knowledgeable about the dangers of lead paint disruption and are specially trained for it's expert removal, collection and disposal. If you have any questions about our process or exterior painting services please feel free to contact us at (503) 851-7950 to speak with our trained staff.